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Our services are designed for busy people in all walks of life: professionals with no time to cook, families with children and hectic schedules, older adults who have special dietary requirements, athletes with specific nutritional needs, new parents, and those who just don’t enjoy cooking but do enjoy good food! All meals are made just for you – based on your likes and dislikes – and special requests are always welcome.


How We Work?

  • Initial Consultation

    We meet with you and know your preferences

  • Grocery Shopping

    We take inventory of what you have and buy what we need.

  • Cooking Food

    We use all necessary ingredients to cook food that is matched to your preference.

  • Kitchen Cleanup

    We clean up after ourselves.

  • Initial Consultation

    We learn what you like and how you like them. Our initial consultation will be done at a time and a place convenient for you.

  • Grocery Shopping

    We take stock of your kitchen, clean up the kitchen and buy the necessary ingredients that we need to cook if they are not available.

  • Cooking Food

    We cook according to your taste and dietary needs.  We know the ingredients that will be more healthy for you.

  • Kitchen Cleanup

    A clean place is a healthy place. After cooking and serving you, we clean up your kitchen to a sparkling brilliance.

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Femi’s Grill

Fresh and Sizzling Hot!

Chef Femi Services offers you grill services. You can order Salads, Appetizers, Burgers, Ribs and Steak, Chicken and Seafood. All fresh, hot and waiting for you.

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Chef Femi Services

Designed to fit your lifestyle!

Chef Femi Services whether in-home, home delivery or party services allows for your preferencesDesign your own menu, or we will provide samples of favorite selections for you to choose from. Our in-home chef service packages include initial client consultation, a customized menu plan, grocery shopping, in-home meal preparation, food packaging complete with labeling and reheating instructions, and kitchen clean up.

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Chef Femi Classes

Enlightening Cooking Classes

Being relaxed and confident is the key to success in the kitchen. Gaining that confidence is best achieved in the privacy of your own home and through personalized culinary instruction.  Chef Femi’s classes are designed to suit the needs of beginners, as well as more advanced cooks looking to strengthen their culinary skills.

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Our customers are

Chef Femi thanks for your service, you are in deed a saviour.

Mrs olademiji

Morning, how was your night? The food was really nice. Would call again.


Your service is a top notch and the food is delicious.

Mrs Grace
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