About  Femi Aliu 

Femi’s passion for cooking began when he was a child. At a very young age, he took great joy in being his mother’s sous chef and he had a passion for everything called food. No matter the jobs he held, he was always drawn back to the kitchen. He decided to fuel his passion by becoming an apprentice to a culinary chef, learning the skill of cooking to further strengthen his culinary gift. He was exposed to new and exciting ingredients, adding to his innate talent for cooking. He has completed the Food Safety Certification from the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals and is also a member of Elite Personal Chef Group. He has learned over the years that everyone has their own distinct preferences when it comes to food. By meeting with many individuals and families, he was able to learn their preferences and meet their needs. His service solves a problem that exists for many people attempting to balance their busy schedules: “How do I eat healthy at home without spending hours preparing meals?” He believes everybody needs to eat well and stay healthy, helping people to shop, cook and eat healthy.

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