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Our Weekly Service Packages (Fresh Meals) Include:

  • 4 meals / 4 Portions.
  • 5 meals / 4 Portions.
  • 6  meals /  4 Portions.

All of this for a flat rate of  10,000 NGN. No commitment required: pause and resume service at any time.
Here are a few variations our clients currently enjoy, but the possibilities are limitless.

  • Once a week service of a total number of meals you want for the week
  • Twice a week service of food (fresher food tastes better!)
  • Thrice a week service of food

the chef sends about 2 hours in your home preparing your meals. All meals are based on your preferences – a mix of proteins, vegetables, starches, and anything else you may request. Clean up – you will have a spotless kitchen and a week’s worth of meals for 2-4 people

Home-Cooked Freshness, Without The Hassle.

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